Thursday, 6 October 2011

ANTAHKARANA - A very ancient and powerful symbol!!

"ANTAHKARANA" is a very ancient and powerful symbol known to mankind from many many years. 

Its inception is still a mystery till date but it has been said that the Chinese and Tibetan people are using it from very long time for healing as well as for meditation purposes.

But still, If am gonna discuss on this then I have to collect some info about its beginning. So, the story goes that the Antahkarana symbols were given to mankind long ago i.e., around 1 Lakh years ago, during the time when Reiki was brought up to earth by heavenly bodies. It is also said that the symbols were given to people of earth to regain their connection with the higher self which was disconnected by one or the other reason, as said in my earlier posts. And hence, the symbol was created which when used helped to patch up the physical brain to that with the higher-self. 

The Antahkarana is a multi-dimensional symbol and is often called as a "RAINBOW Bridge" because these signifies the seven colours of rainbow as well as the seven chakras of the human body. From another perspective this symbol appears as a three dimensional cube. Its energy moves up from two to three dimensions that can be seen and continues up through unseen dimensions all the way to the highest dimension, the dimension of the Higher-Self.

The Antahkarana symbol is the one which is said to possess its own conciousness. The symbol is so powerful that it can work well and good independently of outside energy. It is a powerful symbol and simply by having it in your presence will create a positive effect on the chakras, aura and the surroundings. 

It interacts directly with chakras as well as the aura and it knows very well as how much energy one needs. It cleanses and energises all the 7 meridians of the body running from top to bottom of human body. The energy emitted from these symbols moves upwards from spine of the root chakra to the crown chakra and again from crown to root chakra, downwards from front side of the body and thus the energy will be moving around and around throughout the body, thereby creating a perfect balance in energy flow and thus creating harmony.

The Antahkarana symbol comes in several variations. They are; The Male Symbol, The Female Symbol, The Cosmic Cross, The Square and an extra one The Antahkarana Male with extended lines.

(Please feel free to click on images below & download it for your own use)

This is the small single Antahkarana male symbol. Its best to use for direct and more penetrating healing applications.


This is the large single Antahkarana female symbol. It has a more gentle, nurturing and general healing property. 

The cross consists of 7 individual Antahkaranas corresponding to the chakras in a line crossing each other. This symbol opens the heart to positive energy and purifies. 

The square is made up of 16 individual Antahkaranas and is used to ward off negativity and blockages in any point in the body. It can release old congested thought forms and habits. As the inherent properties of the square are to dispel and scatter energy, it is advisable to ground oneself afterwards and can be achieved through meditation or by directly applying the male symbol to the base chakra.

The Antahkarana male with extended guidelines is one hell of a symbol when it comes to energy. It has the male antahkarana symbol accompanied by the pyramids followed by the straight lines passing through the cross-section and thus making it the Ultimate Antahkarana Symbol. Just gaze it for a while to know the difference and you'll feel it.
The famous Sri Chakra has the same principle of pyramids or triangles but very large and complex with 9 large pyramids followed by 43 smaller pyramids connected to each other in a perfect shape and is the ultimate symbol to ward off any kind of evil and to bring prosperity.

Now, I am going to list out all the important uses as well as how to use the Antahkarana symbols point-wise as it helps to go through faster and easier.

The Antahkarana symbols can be used:

  • As a poster on wall of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entrance anywhere because as said earlier, just by having it around gets the job done.
  • To neutralize negative energy and to charge with positive energy in objects like crystals, your stuffs like any kind of jewellery, pendulums, medicines etc.
  • To charge the drinking water by placing it on the symbol as well as the food.
  • To do Tratak on the symbol and you can feel as if it is moving from its place. You might see things but don't over think or worry about anything and practice it daily for faster results.
  • During meditation to gaze it gently to reach Nirmal Stithi and to reach your subconscious more quickly. It also helps to overcome any fear and instils inner strength, confidence, health, peace and relaxation. 
  • In reiki treatments, it doubles the energy and heals the subject much faster than usual. The symbol should be facing down towards the chakra and lay your hands on it and provide healing.
  • To keep the symbol under your pillow, bed, on the chair you sit while studying, working, in slippers, shoes, in and on vehicles, in your wallet or money bin etcetera.
  • To gain good insight during reiki, hypnosis, past life regression, progression, astral travel to name a few and in any kind of spiritual science practices. 
  • To keep your home, office and surroundings charged with positivity and good vibrations.
  • In healing, by placing the picture of a subject or patient who needs to recover quick on the symbol or can be used by you by placing your own picture to always bestow with the continuous flow of good positive energy.
  • You can use the Antahkarana symbol anywhere you want, however you want as there are no side effects and it do not causes any harm!

All the Antahkarana symbols are equally powerful. But still you have to keep these in mind. 
  1. The Male Symbol emits much direct, intense and focused healing energy so if you are in need of faster results then this would be the best.
  2. The Female Symbol emits out nurturing and relaxing energy that is not that much intense when compared to the above one so if you can't bear the energy of male you can go with the female symbol.
  3. The Cross Symbol is made up of 7 Antahkarana symbols corresponding to the 7 chakras in a line and it is best to use when one needs to open his/her heart to receive all the energy. It is the best symbol to heal the heart chakra and can be used directly on the heart chakra face down.
  4. The Square Symbol can be used if there are any blockages and negativity found in the body. It helps in removing the blockages and making the energy to flow freely. But, it is also said that due to much more intense effect it creates disorientation and scatters energy so if one cannot withstand the immense energy then they can always go with the male symbol.
  5. The Antahkarana Male with Extended Lines Symbol can be used for anything and there are no restrictions.
  6. The size of the symbol does matters. Use different sizes in order to focus or widen the energies.
The Antahkarana symbol is the one that gives freely without any limitations and restrictions. Let your intuition and higher-self guide you in this glorious journey of change.

So, Thats it for now. Until next time.. Take Care!!!


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